Hello, world

It’s nice to meet y’all :) Following the trend that everyone in IT should have a blog, I’ve decided to create one for myself.

I’ll write about stuff that interests me and probably from time to time spur out some random thoughts on how cool something is or rants on how uncool something is (cough javascript cough) :)

This blog is not planned as my main activity, so I cannot promise you any post schedule. Content will appear as two requirements are satisfied: an idea for a post and some time to write it.

The topics that interest me and that you might expect to find here in the nearest future are:

There also seems to be some kind of a tradition that people making blogs using Jekyll write their first posts on why they chose Jekyll and some basic how-to. I frowned at that tradition before I knew how Jekyll works - but now that I do, I can understand it - it’s pretty cool to work with, and quite simple. Therefore, I might oblige with this tradition and join the praise in the nearest future :)

I also promise to not overuse the :) emote as much as I did in this post.

Stay tuned and remember to have fun, whatever you’re doing! (unless it’s illegal or something, then you should not :) )